Building ain't easy - MySeema updates

Building ain’t easy. And being first to market with a service no one has heard of ain’t any easier. 

One annoying thing I’ve learned through our journey with MySeema thus far is that no matter how proactive we think we are, it’s all bullshit. Human beings are just not proactive. Proactivity is a skill/blessing many of us are lacking in. Rarely do people acknowledge where in their lives action is needed until it has reached a dire point. We are reactive by nature and we’re sadly okay with it.

Sure, we wear Smartwatches and use health-data tracking apps, but do we really know what the data means? Do we actually know how to read the data and use it to improve our lives? More often than not, the answer is no. The data is tracked and that’s where the story ends – with a bombardment of data that they don’t know how to decipher or decode. All that we can conclude from this data is how well or not well our sleep has been, or how many steps we got in today. Because of this, people don’t act on their health until the matter is pressing. People don’t act until the issue is well beyond the point where it can’t be ignored anymore. People don’t act until their health is at risk.

Recently, I found myself feeling extremely frustrated; I realized that I had been foolish to think that finally people understood what it meant to be proactive when it came to their health. I was foolish to assume that even those people who are “educated” or “health-conscious” would have understandings of proactive behavior and what it is MySeema offers. Additionally, we are also battling a knowledge problem, some people don’t even realize that high blood pressure (hypertension) & high cholesterol are chronic conditions that if not handled early on, can lead to heart disease (heart attacks) and extreme medical costs. This is what I’m up against…wtf.

There was a gap somewhere. The message wasn’t quite hitting where it needed to. But this wasn’t on everyone else, this was on us. We could do better, we could explain our value better. We are introducing something new to the world, being proactive with all things related to you and your families’ health. We need to be patient and stay on course, on message.

We needed to be more direct with our messaging. Reframing our approach was a necessary step, and that’s exactly what we did.

For people to understand what MySeema is about, they need to be able to see the value that it can add to their lives. So, after a couple weeks of child-like tantrums and depressive thoughts about our value, we finally snapped out of it and focused on what we can learn from the roadblocks we were facing to become better. The first thing we did is introduce a new, money-losing base tier – for $1/day. This tier is geared towards those in their 20s-40s to get a quick, affordable, sense of the value our nurses provide so that they can hopefully see the value MySeema can provide for their entire family. I drilled it down to a simple question with this new tier which we are tracking constantly, “are we adding more than $1 a day of value to your life?”

We’re calling this the “Routine” tier, and in this tier members will be able to communicate with a nurse and their health assistant via text only. After the first call, our team will help to determine your health goals and help keep you accountable with weekly check-ins. They will go over your lab results and all the data that your 50 gadgets are tracking daily so that you understand what’s actually going on in your body. They will send you catered and relevant health tips. They will read those trendy health articles and watch those TikTok health reels you send over to validate them for you. They will send you notes on what to ask the doctor before your check-up and answer any question you may have post check-up. They will field, via text, any and every question you have related to your health so that you are better informed. All of this for just $1 a day…

We want people to become more than acquainted with the concept of proactivity, and this is one way it can become a reality, by making it even more affordable and accessible. The goal is to get ahead of the issues before they become issues. Our team knows the value of this – this tier will teach you and your loved ones how to be proactive, too. Your health isn’t something that can wait.

Building and re-building is a normal and necessary part of the process. Rarely are things linear – if that’s all you’re seeing from someone, chances are you’re getting the omitted version of reality. This shit is hard, and it’s constantly evolving day by day. Every single road block we face while building this brand is the most frustrating thing in the world to live through, but it’s also what is making our moat stronger day by day. Without these roadblocks, we would not be evolving as fast as we are. With MySeema and other Emagineer brands, I’ve forced myself to  build in public so people can see the ups and downs of launching something new. We’ve done quite a bit of re-building recently, and I see the ways in which it’s paying off.

Real talk, there are days where I question if we are actually making an impact or if we have what it takes to actually change our reactive behaviors that have been ingrained in us since the dawn of time. When I think this depressively, I just go back and look at the data of the lives we are impacting on a daily basis. And then I put my head down and get back to work, because the data speaks for itself. I’m looking forward to giving more updates as we continue to evolve. And I hope my team and I can continue staying patient as we aim to change people’s behavior towards their health from a reactive stance to a proactive one.

Once again, this shit ain’t easy.