What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?
a lot is on my mind.

I’m sitting at my local coffee shop. I told myself that an hour ago I would start writing again, and this time I’ll be consistent. An hour passed and I’ve found every excuse not to write. So I told myself I would just start writing whatever is on my mind…

What do I write about?

  • My personal vision of financial independence and how I got there?
  • How I don’t want to parent like most of the parents?
  • That retiring your parents is the worst thing you can do for them?
  • That we might just be on our way to fixing healthcare for our loved ones?
  • The Psychedelic journey in 2022 that changed my life?
  • How I’m turning 35 next year (2024) and this might be the end of competitive basketball for me?
  • Living in a new country for a month every year?
  • That I figured out the purpose of my life?

There are a lot of things I can talk about. I know I’m doing something right in my life because I’m really, really blessed and I’m really, really happy. When you come from where I came from, I just need to count all the blessings around me and I already know I’ve won the lottery, and then some.

I want to share my thoughts, ideas and views here on so many subjects in case they’re helpful for others. This is a post from me, calling me out, to get past all these blockers and do just that. Share and spread the blessings, the knowledge, otherwise you’re being selfish AF. You have a responsibility to serve others, so stop making excuses and serve you nice asshole.