The most valuable currency is Trust

Above all else, trust is the most valuable currency. There are countless ways in which you can measure someone’s worth – with the amount of money they have to their name, with how big their following is, with the likes they get, with other material successes. But if we dig deeper, we will find that trust is the basis of all these things.

Still, I fear that people don’t pay enough attention to building their “trust” bank. This might be because it’s hard to put concrete value to it – i.e., numbers – and the human brain often struggles to compute things we can’t put data to. It also might be because it takes a very, very long time to build. Trust doesn’t happen overnight, and it compounds like no other. Without trust, we are nothing.

Little known fact is that trust is actually built through the small things, the smalls everyday actions. Think of the friend who is always there for you when you’re in a bind. The person who goes out of their way to make you smile or make you feel valued. The person that holds the door for you. The person who you can tell anything that is near and dear to your heart. And of course the person that makes a point of following through – give your word? Keep it. Trust is built up through all these tiny human interactions, and it is worth more than people realize. Being trustworthy will help you in every aspect of life, in ways greater than you can imagine at this very moment.

However remember that trust is a two-way street, and it is one that is fragile. It takes years upon years to build, but only seconds to lose. Always be aware of the way you come off to others – your mannerisms, the way you speak, the promises you make. Raise your empathy levels and see yourself through the eyes of others. Am I trustworthy? Do the people around me have faith in me when I make a promise?

Be aware of yourself and what you are putting into the relationships in your life because it is people who have the power to change your life overnight. When I look at my Karlani Capital and Emagineer business partner, Rudy Karsan, I see this in action. The foundation of our relationship is built on having the utmost trust in each other, and it was because of this – the value in trust that we share – that the universe brought us together to make a greater impact, together.

The progress I’ve made since having Rudy in my life is as great as night and day. I told him exactly this at my wedding earlier this year – I had already accomplished a lot before he had come into my life, and I would have continued to accomplish things, but it was because of him and the trust he put in me that I was able to reach the level I have been blessed to reach today – and we still have a long ways to go. I owe a lot to him and the relationship we share. People truly have the power to change our lives, if they trust us completely of course.

Focus on building your bank with trust, not money. Trust me on this one.