Entrepreneur Turned Investor but Always Entrepreneur – First 2 Months

Well damn, I have been on quite the journey since the sale of Blue Track Media.

I can confidently say that I’ve learned more about business in these last two months than I would have in any MBA school in 2 years. I’m sure that’ll ruffle some feathers, but the truth is the truth. Experience is the best graduate degree, not group projects that center around giving outdated information about a made up company rather than starting one.

Now I must also admit that at times I feel like I’m failing at my job(s) with the current load I’ve taken on. It’s obviously difficult to manage so many things at once, but my ego doesn’t let me understand that for some reason. This is my life right now:

Figuring and capitalizing on the growth opportunities for Blue Track Media

The BTM team surrounding me has been helping tons

Planning and executing on the next steps for Plugged Inc. as it’s going to be one of the most badass audio tech companies in the world very soon

This is SO exciting!

Brainstorming with our portfolio companies about the current road blocks they face and how we can help

Imagine working on 5+ different startups at once, that’s a mind f**k

Hatching new ideas and companies with my team of entrepreneurs at Karlani

Put yourself in a room with 5 of the smartest people you know and take notes

Correctly assessing the market opportunity from the decks of the startups that are looking for funding from Karlani

Please don’t send me a deck full of words and over 20 slides, I have self-diagnosed ADD. Seriously.

Taking important meetings with big name investors and crazy entrepreneurs who want to do amazing things like cure cancer, solve carbon emission issues, solve energy issues, solve food shortages, etc

How did I get in the room with these people? Am I lost?

Mentoring and meeting different people every week in different cities

I just miss sleeping on my own bed

This is my life summed up in the last two months since selling my soul. And as exhausting and mentally draining it is, I’m having the thrill of my life trying to keep up with all the knowledge and wisdom that’s being hammered in my brain right now. It’s heavy information overload, but it’s allowing me to grow as a leader and as a man every day.

Every night I go to sleep knowing that I’m the luckiest man in the world to be given such an opportunity. I spend priceless hours with my mentor/best friend Rudy Karsan learning not only about business, but life itself, as they both go hand in hand. How many other people can say that they spent an hour last night on the couch asking random questions to someone who has taken a company public and sold it for over $1B dollars? Not many.

But I’m about to let you in on a little secret that still haunts me every night as I sit here feeling lucky.

I’m scared of failure.