Ethos of Emagineer Brands

When I was around thirteen years old, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I would tell them my dream: to own a pizza place that made the cheesiest pizza in the entire world. My reasoning was simple – for one, I fking love cheese. Second, I knew that if I owned the place, I would be able to do what I wanted to do, with no outside parties dictating my choices. I never was someone who took well to being told what to do. So, by owning this pizza shop that sold the cheesiest pizza in the world, I would be able to do what I want and make what I want – without charging people more for the world-class slices. This was very important to me.

Now, while my love for cheese has remained the same, my dreams have not. The universe is pushing me in a different direction. However, even though a pizza shop isn’t something I own (yet), the idea of not charging people more for world-class products and services is still something I firmly believe in. I came from nothing, and today I have more than I ever dreamt of. I don’t care to add another dollar to my name, it will not change my life nor make me happier. Instead, my dream and mission in life is to do good and make positive change for all people – not just the wealthy, but regular, everyday people living regular, everyday lives. And that’s exactly what Emagineer stands to do: we build brands, products, and services that are good for you, good for the world, and catered towards the 99% (as opposed to the 1%) – that’s our ethos.

Being a partner at Karlani Capital for almost 10 years now, along with my real-world experiences, have taught me that it’s truly a great time to be alive, all things considered. Yes, we’re living through a pandemic, but think about it – crime rates have gone down. People are living longer. We’re seeing innovation like never before. We don’t have flying cars yet, but the impact technology has made on our lives is insurmountable. Every day we progress further in terms of better products, services, and technologies. It’s truly a great time to be alive.

However… even with these advancements, there’s the question of who benefits? As it is today, the biggest beneficiaries are the 1%. The other 99%, the middle-class and under, gets overlooked; they don’t have the same access to these progressions and comforts as those with the big money do – and that’s where my issue lies. So, Emagineer is tackling this issue head on. Instead of building and investing in businesses that cater to the 1%, we’re more concerned with the ones that are good for you, for the world, for those who fall outside of the title of wealthy. And that’s not something I’m ever willing to compromise on. 

With Emagineer, I’m answering a question that I’ve always thought of deeply as a kid. 

What happens when founders, entrepreneurs,CEOs and executives get to a point where they don’t need another dollar for themselves? That doesn’t mean that the businesses they build don’t need to profit, they most certainly do to be self-sustaining.

But what if they’re creating amazing products and products just for the hell of it? For impact? To create change in the world? To disrupt greedy, profit generating industries? 

What happens then? Does the world become a better place when greed is no longer the main motivator with every founder or executive?

I just want to help people. I thrive off the amazing feedback we get about our brands from our customers. It energizes me. I want to contribute to their lives in positive, continuous ways. Money, of course, is a necessity, but never will it be the vision itself.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that companies can make a profit whilst simultaneously doing good – and I see this in action. Profit and purpose can co-exist. I see it working. Emagineer Brands have proven it time and time again. WellBefore has made medical supplies more affordable for everyday people. MySeema has made your health more proactive, affordable and results-driven with our nurses who are by your side. Time will tell if we will be able to sustain this type of mentality without succumbing. In the beginning even Google promised to “do no evil.”

But until I’m proven wrong, this is our ethos – stay committed to the 99%. Design and develop products and services that are for all people. Do good in all that we do. We’re open to anything. Even developing the worlds cheesiest and hopefully healthiest pizza for the price of a Little Caesar’s pizza.

Stay tuned for more updates for all Emagineer brands. If you want to follow my journey, I’m very open and honest about it on my Instagram where I document our progress. I love to build and fail in public.