How Dirk Became Dirk - Learning From Dirk

This post is obviously going to have some bias as I’m one of the biggest Dallas Mavericks fans alive, aka MFFL. But I hope the message I’m trying to convey gets across clearly. 

I post a lot of business related articles on my twitter, facebook, etc that I believe teach good lessons and are things that people should know about if they’re on the entrepreneurship path, aka hell. As much as these business related articles shape my views and shape the person I’m becoming this very instant, it’s non-business related things like the Dirk Nowitzki documentary (or even Jordan To The Max documentary) that have always taught me the most valuable lesson in life:

Nothing worth having comes easy. You will encounter many hurdles that others will deem impossible for you to overcome, but you have to find it within yourself to silence their negativity in order for you to keep moving forward. A time may come when the world will doubt you, but don’t disregard the one person that should never doubt you. Yourself. Walk around with a big chip on your shoulder. Dammit walk around like you got something to prove. Not to them, but to biggest critic you have. Yourself.

I’ve talked many times about how sports has shaped the type of person I am today and how everything I’ve learned directly correlates in my everyday life. (ahem Basketball (Sports) spared this)

Here is a link to the documentary for those who have 40 minutes to kill and are true MFFLs. It really shows how much Dirk went through to get to the top of the NBA. I dare any person or any other NBA player to ever call him soft again: