How we saved a Mom's life - MySeema Story Time

I’m a firm believer that the universe will present us with the path we need to be on at certain times in our lives. When the idea for MySeema came to me, I knew it was one of those instances – and that it was something that had the potential to not just save my mom’s life, but save many lives. For this to happen, though, I knew I needed a team that was not only qualified, but dedicated. A team that was passionate. A team who saw the vision and bought into it wholeheartedly. Now, almost a year after MySeema’s conception, I wanted to share a story with you about how I believe we saved a member’s life and just how powerful a team of healthcare experts who are always on your side can be. 

MySeema Clinical Leads are licensed medical professionals – this means nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical clinicians. Each member is teamed up with a nurse and a concierge, who is trained in MySeema curriculum and is closely monitored by our nurses in order to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for your loved ones. Last week, one of our concierges, Wajiha, used her training and efficiency to quite literally save a life

It’s story time.

On a Friday morning a few weeks back, Wajiha noticed that one of her members’ blood sugar had been trending on the lower end and the member herself was not responding to her messages that day. This member is always active and engaged in the morning, so she knew something was off. As per her MySeema concierge training, Wajiha continued to monitor the member’s vitals and made sure to check in every hour. 

Couple hours passed and she still didn’t receive a response.

Immediately Wajiha then alerted the member’s guardian (guardians are usually the member’s children or caretakers), her son, who then immediately went to check in on her. When he got there, things were not good – the member’s blood sugar was at 34, and she was not responsive. Imagine walking into your room to find your loved one laying in bed, not responding to anything you’re saying – not only that, but there is nothing you can do other than make a 911 call and wait, because you are not a medically-trained professional. It’s one of the scariest feelings in the world. 

For those who might not know, blood sugar is considered to be “low” once it dips below 70. Low blood sugar can be a result of illness, bad diet following an insulin shot, or if the insulin dosage is too high. Bringing her blood sugar back up wasn’t as simple as drinking juice or eating a chocolate bar. In this particular member’s case, her previous medical history meant that her blood sugar levels being this low could result in a loss of consciousness, seizures, or even be fatal

So, acting quickly as Wajiha had been trained to do, she got on the phone right away with the member’s son, the family caretaker and looped in our MySeema nurse to assist as needed. With the information Wajiha gathered, she was able to talk the guardian through how to bring the member’s blood sugar up. The scary part is even the families’ dedicated caretaker did not know what to do in this situation. Again, her son and the caretaker are not medically trained, so it’s not necessarily their fault.

Because of Wajiha’s training, quick thinking, and dedication to the members she works with, she was able to help bring this member’s blood sugar back up to 99. The member was then much more alert and responsive. The following communication with her doctor, facilitated by the MySeema team, resulted in insulin levels being adjusted in order to avoid any future dips like the one she experienced that day. This is how we stay alert, proactive and lead conversations with physicians on behalf of all members.

It’s stories like these that make me proud, and at times teary-eyed, of the team and service we’ve built here at MySeema. The impact we’re having on our members’ lives is just beginning, there is so much more we can do. I know my team is not only passionate about healthcare, but about serving people and making lives better, happier, healthier. The team behind MySeema was born to serve others.

When this all started, I simply wanted someone smarter and more attentive than me to be there for my mom, Seema Amin. Someone with medical training, patience, and the know-how to manage my family’s healthcare, but also someone who cared about my mom’s health and wellbeing, someone who saw her as a person and not only a numbered patient. As MySeema continued to shift and evolve, I knew it would be something that you and your loved ones could have, too. Healthcare is too complicated, but our MySeema nurses and concierges are here to make it easier and to hold your hand throughout the entire process, start to finish. 

There are many disparities in US healthcare. The inefficiencies and accessibility issues have piled one on top of the other to the point where everything else seems impossible. And because of this, without the tools and education needed to live healthy, fulfilled lives, the health of the people is suffering – especially those who aren’t part of the 1%. We plan to change this, MySeema is affordable and it works.

The improvements we’ve made in our members’ blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and health knowledge in just a few weeks have blown me away. Never would I have thought we could make this large of an impact. Our records of these stories will only continue to grow as MySeema does. I’m excited to share all that we do in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates for all Emagineer brands. If you want to follow my journey, I’m very open and honest about it on my Instagram where I document our progress. I love to build in public.