The Importance of Showboating aka Self-Promotion

The Importance of Showboating aka Self-Promotion

I am shameless about self-promotion or as I call it, showboating. If there is an article about me and my company or something exciting I’m working on, I will make it known to the public. There are many people who see this and assume I’m just some asshole that’s full of himself, which may be true to some degree. Those who see my showboating as a negative trait simply don’t understand the importance of it. They don’t get the bigger picture and how it all plays into achieving the goals I’ve set for myself. They’re also usually the types of people that want more L’s than W’s for me, in secrecy of course.

The premise of showboating is not to be able to toot my own horn. My ego is far too great to feel the need to fish for likes and comments that get me a sense of accomplishment. So why showboat? Why post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, and SnapChat the most recent news about what my company and I’m up to? Why post random daily snaps or Instagram stories (@supershazman) about the daily life of an entrepreneur, the types of issues I’m solving, important facts I’m learning, the random nonsense going through my head or the far too many Kanye West quotes?

Well look before I answer that it’s important to know that I’m convinced roughly a third of the people that “friend” or “follow” me want me to fail. Cool, I’ve known that for years and accepted it so let’s call them “the haters.” There is another third that are indifferent, really don’t care enough to learn more about me yet, or ever really. They’re just there sitting in the stands watching the game with no clear favorite so let’s call them “the (innocent) bystanders.” But there is that last third, the crucial third of people that truly want me to succeed. They want to aid in the grind for whatever reason so let’s call them “the galvanizers.”

BOOM! The galvanizers. They are why I need to showboat. They are why I am advancing towards my goals. They are why I will achieve my goals. They provide valuable introductions to individuals or companies that will help me get from point A to point C. They share my life within their network of friends who sometimes also galvanize to do the same. They reach out to me for random ideas or feedback on things that they believe will help in my journey. They send positive vibes that constantly help fuel the fire inside just because they want to. They are so damn important.

These are people on this earth that genuinely want to help me. But how can they help me if they don’t know how to help me? How can they present new opportunities, press, ideas or introductions to me if they don’t know everything I’m involved with or the thoughts that go through my head? It’s impossible to have a conversation about everything I’m involved in with every single galvanizer. The only way I’m able to achieve the mass scale that is needed to enable the galvanizers to assist me in my journey is to announce to everything I’m involved with through my all my socials.

how the hell am I going to “change the world” if people don’t know I’m trying to change the world?

Fuck the haters. Feel no ways towards the bystanders. But cherish and appreciate the galvanizers. They are needed. Showboat and if you’re genuine yourself just watch how they get behind you to help you achieve your dreams. And if you don’t believe this to be true, just look at the last 10+ years of my life as a case study. They are a huge part of the success I’ve had and the progress I’ve made towards achieving my dreams.


Thank you to all the galvanizers that have had my back and continue to support me through my lofty, impossible ambitions. I notice you, I appreciate you and I hope I am doing a good job of returning the favors.