Success is molded

“It’s luck” – “It’s god given”

Don’t test my patience with this bullshit. If there is one pet peeve I have, it’s when people discount the hard work of others and just chalk it up to them being born with it or being lucky. Success, in whatever shape, way, or form, is not something that’s programmed in your DNA. And very few times is it the direct result of luck.

Take a look at the track record of all the people you consider successful and you’ll see that successful people aren’t born. They are molded. They have a certain mindset that refuses to let them be content with failure. They go through life evolving experiences that give them a thirst, a hunger, a passion for success that others can only dream of. They surround themselves with a crowd that will inspire them to reach for more and not settle for anything less. They take risks that the ordinary would think twice in taking for the fear of failure. They believe in their abilities so much that there is nothing anyone can do or nothing anyone can say to stop them from achieving their goals. They put in the hours and hours of long nights, weekends, and holidays knowing that all the hard work and struggle will pay off for them in the years to come.

And once it finally pays off, they know that the foolish will think it was easy. The foolish will call it luck. But that will mean the same to them as it did when the same foolish doubted them in the beginning, nothing. Their opinions mean nothing.

Don’t be the foolish.  Don’t ever tell me its luck. Don’t ever tell me its god given.