What Will I Be Known for in My 30’s?

Whoa, it happened. I was just in my 20’s and now I’m not. In a blink of an eye I’m in my 30’s and the allure of being a youngin’ has faded away. How did this happen so fast?

When I was 15, I never thought the day would come where I would double my age. It’s not that I thought something tragic would happen to me, but I could have sworn I had more time before my 30’s would it.

I guess I should have realized it was coming much sooner. The signs were all there.

My mom constantly asking when I’m getting married.

Waking up randomly one day to a beard filled with noticeable white hair.

Realizing that I should probably start stretching an hour a day if I want to continue playing basketball or football at a competitive level.

Every. single. friend. getting married or engaged, and now even popping out these small alien versions of themselves that cry and poop all day. This is actually the hardest to get used to because now all my boys need to “consult” their significant others or worry about their children before committing to something. Before we just did what we wanted to do and had no one else to worry about. Sigh, those were the days.

Look bear with me. Being in my 30s is still all very new and strange to me. I don’t really know how to take it yet, but it’s slowly settling in that I’m no longer in my 20’s and that everyone around me has already grown up.

My 20’s

As I looked back on the past 10 years I asked myself, “Who was I in my 20s? What was I known for?” There were a few things that eventually became to define who and what I was.

I was a pretty damn good athlete who could jump or sprint with the best of them.

I was a successful entrepreneur who pulled my family out of poverty and sold my company.

I was one of the youngest partners and investors at any venture capital firm in the world.

I was an arrogant asshole who had his head so far up his ass that he lost many, many close relationships.

I was an anxious, stressed, scared, high-energy, and, at many times, depressed kid with a crazy thirst for knowledge who adhered to no limits or boundaries.

These were the things I was known for in my 20s. And when I turned 29 I asked myself a very hard question, “What will I be known for in my 30s?”

My 30’s

For the past 12 months, day in and day out, I asked myself this question over and over again. It was a massive undertaking, and it has taken some serious soul searching to figure this out. I believe I have now figured it out but it’s really not as awe-inspiring as one would think.

To be completely honest, I still want to be known for exactly the same things that I was known for in my 20s.

But with one small change: I want to be better.

I want the 30-year-old version of me to go face to face with the 20-year-old version of me and outperform him in every single category.

I aim to be a much better version of myself.

I will keep my body so healthy and fit that if I played my 20-year-old self in a game of 1-on-1 — I would force that game to come down to IQ instead of freakish athleticism — my 30-year-old self would easily dominate.

I will be a smarter, wiser, and more data-driven leader who will build multiple profit-generating engines with a focus on passive income. This will allow me to solve bigger and more challenging worldly problems, while still maintaining a “high-energy-and-crazy-thirst-for-knowledge” attitude.

I will be a more impactful teacher who openly shares his knowledge, inspiring an entire generation of hungry students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors. I will teach that you can still be a genuine person and make positive impact on the world all while still making bank.

I will shred my arrogance and check my ego for those people I truly care about, constantly reminding them how important they are to me. I will make a stronger effort to spend more time and create more precious memories with them.

And finally, I will train and control the only thing that has always prevented me from achieving true happiness: my mind.

2.0 to 3.0

I am finally coming into my own. I’ve transformed from Super Saiyajin 2 (SSJ2) into Super Saiyajin 3 (SSJ3) and am slowly figuring out how to successfully use these new powers (mindset). I am a stronger, wiser version of my old self.

Image result for ssj3 gif

I am willing to bet on myself 10x more today than I would have 10 years ago. I’m not slowing down due to age. In fact, I’m speeding up because of it. However this time I have over a decade of experience and a phenomenal supporting cast of rockstars who got my back. Experience and people. Those are the key, unfair advantages that I have on my side today which I did not have in my 20’s.

Shahzil 3.0 is ready. Let’s go.