Why it pays to do good and be kind

I recently posted about our new product that we just launched for Blue Track Media on facebook, and within seconds had either a very upset customer or (what seems more like it) a troll post that our company is “fraud and lazy.” 

That’s definitely the first I’ve heard of us being called “fraud and lazy,” which doesn’t really make much sense to me. I’m more offended that someone would call us lazy, because hell we sure ain’t (in my Texan accent) lazy. Which is why this leads me to believe this person probably had a bad morning and decided to troll on our post. His posts were later on deleted from the thread by him or an administrator so I wasn’t able to screen shot them in time.

Regardless of his post, I quickly had friends and others who know the type of business Blue Track Media and myself run come to my support. I didn’t expect this many people to chime in and defend what we stand for and I’m deeply humbled and very happy. I try my best to walk this earth with good intentions for everyone and it’s always nice to see unexpected support come to your aid when you might need it. This goes to prove what I always preach:

Do good, be kind. The world will notice and it just might return the favor in other ways.

Again I appreciate the support from all those who came to our aid in the past, who will come to our aid in the future, and who came to our aid today.


*Note 1: The first poster is not claiming that we “[sell] bullshit youtube mass video uploader.” He actually came to our support as well and was speaking of the original upset person/troll who went back and deleted his posts. 

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